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It’s been 5 years since we did our first collective meet. Well, 3 since we organized it and dubbed  it “The Collective”. What started as a way for us to get a bunch of friends together has grown into what is arguably one of the finest series of events in New England. It’s a way for us to gather high level and unique vehicles with their owners, in the same place, 3-5 times a year. For me however, it’s all about photography. I spend the entire event wondering with my camera, looking for unique angles, interesting scenes and finding vehicles that I must have in front of my camera.

Enter Joe’s 1980 Porsche 911. It’s been about 3 months since I first saw the 911SC tucked away in the back corner of the first Collective of 2017. A beautifully subtle 911 in glass like red paint sitting on slant lip BBS RS’s, a controversial take on a timeless wheel that always looks right at home on the 911’s. I fell in love with this car immediately, it stood out to me as one of the cleanest cars in attendance that night. Once the dust had settled Matt and I laid out what cars we wanted to shoot for features in 2017, and Joe’s car quickly moved to the top of my list.

The day started early, which for me is the most difficult part. Working the night shift and waking up early really don’t work well together, but I make it work when I’ve got to. Coffee in hand and camera gear on my back out the door I went. It’s 7:30 on a Saturday and I’m sitting in the driveway waiting for my FD to warm up, the neighbors are psyched I’m sure. By the time I hit the road for my 2 hour journey out to Springfield it’s nearly 8:00 and I’m starting to wake up a bit. The air is crisp and the turbos on the Mazda are in full song during my drive. Queue up some Saves The Day, open the sunroof and enjoy the ride. For me, this is the best part of Summer.


It’s 10:30 by the time I finally get to where Joe and I agreed to meet up. As I drive down a side street near the Springfield Amtrak station I catch a glimpse of the Red 911 sitting in an empty parking lot, there’s Joe and his girlfriend Jenn hanging out awaiting my arrival. After quick introductions and handshakes it’s off we go to scope out our first location, a rad brick wall just around the corner that was once an advertising piece for and old camera and film store that I had found while searching for locations on flickr a week prior. A quick drive around the corner and we arrive at was supposed to be the perfect backdrop, much to my displeasure we find a closed road and a summer farmer’s market, bummer…time to wing it.

We embark on our journey through downtown Springfield, a former booming industrial metropolis that is now merely a shell of itself. A tragic scene of former glory and unfortunate poverty, nothing like some blight and industrial ruins to create the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot, however. We settle on a nondescript set of buildings not far from where we first met, I position the Porsche where I think it will look best and then start shooting. The photos accumulate fast and we quickly gather a crowd of local onlookers, surely not use to seeing such perfection among these old run down factories. About an hour later we wrap up shooting in our first location and head out to find a new backdrop.

We head North on 91 and make our way into Holyoke, another shell of industrial glory now left waiting for a resurgence and some gentrification to turn it into the new hip place to live. The Porsche Pops and spits as we move up the highway the smell of unburned fuel fills my car. A quick turn is followed by a text “sorry, my turn signals don’t work currently” I laugh understandably, the horn doesn’t work in my Mazda…priorities right? Heads turn and people stop in their tracks as we make our way through town, a couple of kids on bikes yell “cool” while we idle at a stoplight. We settle on a hidden area near the Connecticut river, one where we can relax without the curious eyes of onlookers and anxious police.

Once we arrive Joe tells me there’s something going on with the engine, “it’s not running quite right, did you hear the way it was popping when I let off the gas going up the highway? I think something is clogging one of the jets in the carb, I’ve got to check it out real quick” He pops the hood and I get my first look at the engine bay. A clean, flat 6, 3.0 rests between the frame rails, PMO carbs sit on either side, it’s so simple yet so effective. The Euro spec motor is a fresh rebuild done by Joe himself, a fact he is proud of given the skepticism of those he would consult for help. The engine bay is clean with no frills, everything has a purpose a theme echoed throughout the entire car. After a short while the Porsche fires back to life, it song sung through an M&K exhaust which quickly dumps right underneath the Euro rear bumper. After positioning the car again we resume shooting, first through my Hassy then back to digital with the Fuji.

We wrap up the shoot and head back to civilization, a quick trip up 91 and we arrive in Northampton. I’ve gotten pretty much all I need for photos at this point, so we quickly tinker around a bit and I take the last few snaps. The day wraps up with a quick burrito for lunch and I’m on my way back to Boston. The drive home is slow, I enjoy just cruising in the right lane and my insurance company is happy about that too. This gives me time to think about the day and the people I’ve met. The longer I spend shooting cars, hosting & attending events, and meeting new people the less about cars this becomes. The faces and personalities behind the cars are really what it’s about. I want to thank Joe and Jenn for spending the day with me and letting me take photos of the car they built together, it was an honor.

Owner: Joe Mosher

Location: Massachusetts

  • Year:1980
  • Make:Porsche
  • Model:911 Coupe
  • Body Color:Guards Red
  • Nickname of Car: The Red Car
  • Engine Mods/Engine Bay:

Rebuilt Grey Market Euro 3.0 Flat six

PMO Carbs

M&K Exhaust

  • Drivetrain:


  • Exterior:

Closed Course Motorsports LED headlights

Whales Tail spoiler

All factory Euro accessories.

  • Interior:

Sport Seats

Roll bar

Funky steering wheel

  • Suspension:


  • Brakes:


  • Wheels

Make: BBS

Model: RS

Size:17” Front and Rear


  • Tires

Make: Hankook

Model: Ventus V12


Special thanks: Glenn Tunis, Sam Fernandes and Ben Gonyea for helping me sand and paint the car in Glenns barn. My brother Jeffrey for helping with the motor, Gary Cove for helping me through the process of the rebuild. The Fieldwerks gang and my girlfriend Jenn for hanging in the garage late nights so i wasn’t by myself.

What was the motivation for building the car? My reason for building  was not letting the car sit any longer in the condition it was in. My motivation while building the car was thinking of taking my girl out to dinner in it. for all the times she came out with food to the garage while building it.

Why did you choose this car: I’ve always wanted a 911, since i was a kid building models of them

how long did it take to build the car: 3 long years

what are your hobbies: searching for old cars, hanging with my cat max, rope swinging, dirt bikes, and Fieldwerks.

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